Nightlife in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

You have had a long day sightseeing if you are a visitor to Ubon Ratchathani, or a long day at work if you are living here. How to relax and relieve the day? You might want to head over to Tung Sri Muang and do some jogging or other fitness activities with the locals and then back home or back to the hotel to shower. The sun has set and it's getting dark so now it's time to go out and enjoy what Ubon Ratchathani's nightlife had to offer.

You can find a variety of places to mingle with the locals, socialize, make new friends, enjoy some good music, have a good meal and basically enjoy yourself. It should be easy to locate a place to suit your entertainment needs and quench your thirst. There are many places to satisfy your nightlife experience in Ubon Ratchathani.

Ubon Ratchathani Nightlife - Thai Country Music

Country Club

country club ubon ratchathani

Country Club - A two story nightclub that features Thai country music. It is located on Tamavitthi Rd. off Chaeng Sanit Road. On the venue is, music, live and DJ, food, drinks and fun.





Tawan Daeng

tawan daeng ubon ratchathani

Tawan Daeng - A franchise Thai country music nightclub. You will find not only here in Ubon but also in Surin, Khon Kaen, Udon Thani and even Bangkok. There is usually a live band here nightly and along with drinks and music there is a food menu at well. Located on Highway 231 just east of Dong U-Pheung junction.





Ubon Ratchathani Nightlife - At the hotels


e ba ubon ratchathani

E Bar - Located at Laithong Hotel on Phichitrangsan Rd. Live music and DJ playing the latest Thai pop and rock. Lots of space, good music, and cold drinks. Quickly becoming a favorite nightspot in Ubon.





The Rock Disco

the rock ubon ratchathani

The Rock - Ubon's only true disco. You can check out the action at The Rock at Ubon International Hotel on Chayangkun Rd.. Live bands and DJ. Starts getting busy around 22:00 and goes til 01:00.

DNA Pub - Also at Ubon International Hotel. Popular with the younger crowd. Music, drinks in a small pub.






ind ubon ratchathani

IND - IND nightclub is another small trendy place. The music tends to be rock both by bands and DJ. It is located beside Pathmrat Hotel on Chayangkun Rd.





The View

the view ubon ratchathani

The View - Former manager of Swing Party House and Zodiac Pub makes this put at Kittrongvill Resort Hotel entertaining and enjoyable for the patrons. Live music, cold drinks and a menu in case you get hungry. A bit out of town but can ask to call for a taxi or tuk tuk if not a guest at the hotel.





Ubon Ratchathani Nightlife - Expat Enterprises

Wrong Way Cafe

wrong way cafe ubon ratchathani

Wrong Way Cafe - Ubon's #1 expat hangout. Good food and drinks, and there's a pool table available. Opens around 11am daily and closes at midnight except Sundays when it closes at 11pm. You can enjoy breakfast any time of day. Wrong Way is located at 49/4-5 Phadaeng Rd. Tel. (045)245-291.





n-joy bar and cafe ubon ratchathani

N-Joy - Another expat friendly place. A good selection of Thai food on the menu and good drinks behind the bar. There is Karaoke in a back room. Good place for relaxing and socializing. Located at 300/1 Phalochai Rd. You can contact them on the house phone at (045)245830 or on mobile (086)265-3020.





Ubon Ratchathani Nightlife - Other places around town

Swing Party House

swing party house ubon ratchathani

Swing Party House - Food, drinks and live music. Band plays a mixture of Thai and English songs. The crowd is a bit older, and the music isn't blaring loud. Located on Chayangkun Road across from PT&T gas/petrol station.






scash ubon ratchathani

Scash - A late night club for hard core partiers. Often standing only so dancing to the music is at your table. This boutique club is located on Soi Saeng Sawang between Chaeng Sanit and Sukha-Uppatham Rd. on the north end of Ubon.





u-bar ubon ratchathani

U-Bar - An upscale university age crowd. Heavy Metal music played most every night. Things start kicking around 11pm. You can find U Bar on Phichitrangsan Rd.If it gets crowded downstairs you can head upstairs for some space.





Ra Biang Mai - Live music, good food, cold drinks and comfortable seats. You can find this pub behind Big C.

Chaeng Sanit Rd - A group of restaurants, pubs, bars in open air style. Incluceds a sports bar for football and beer fans. They begin to open as the sun goes down in the west. Rather low key compared to some of the other venues but to each his own.

Use the map below to find the location of a place to pary in Ubon Ratchathani tonight. Many of Ubon pubs, bars, disco and nightclubs are marked on the map.

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Besides the bars, pubs, nightclubs and discos in Ubon there are many karaoke bars which provide entertainment, fun and nightlife opportunities. In addition, you will find a number of establishments that are mainly restaurants will offer music so customers will stick around, socialize, drink and listen to their musical entertainment. There is a nightlife in Ubon Ratchathani.

Enjoy your nights in Ubon Ratchathani

A variety of night time entertainment to choose from in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand.

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