Private Transportation in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

You want the freedom to go where you want when you want. Public transportation is great but you are a free bird. No problem. In Ubon Ratchathani you can rent a car, rent a van, rent a motorcycle or even rent a bicycle.

The rental cars, pick-ups and vans can be hired with a driver or if you are licensed you can drive yourself. If you need to get around, rent it in Ubon whether you want a bicycle or motorcycle for around town or you want to travel in the countryside or even to Laos.

Car Rentals in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

Chow Wattana

Chao Wattana Ubon Ratchathani
Chow Wattana

Chow Wattana is a long established family business in Ubon. They offer taxi service, car rental, van rental, pick-up rental and motorcycle rentals. They also offer a point to point service for those who just want to be dropped off at a certain location.

If you want to rent a van with driver to travel to Laos they also have drivers qualied to drive there.

They even have a booth at the airport for if you aren't heading to the major hotels which have shuttle service. Chao Wattana Ubon Ratchathani offer 24-hour a day service. You can self drive or hire a vehicle with driver.

Chow Wattana can be contacted from two separate locations. They have their offices on Suriyat Rd in downtown Ubon and a convenient booth inside the airport passenger terminal just outside and to the left of the baggage claim area.

Chow Wattana
269 Suriyat Rd.
Ubon Ratchathani
Tel: 045-241906, 242202, 243456
Mobile Tel: 081-9679796, 081-9675582, 089-846675

Jay and Jay Car & Motorcycle Rental Ubon Ratchathani

Located just west of the main road in Ubon. You can rent or hire a car, motorcycle and even a SUV. All at reasonable rates. Another big plus for you is English Spoken Here.

You can get all the information you need to contact them and help you make a decision on their website, Jay and Jay Ubon Car and Motorcycle Rental. I am sure they will be happy to hear from you.

Limosine Airport

This service is also located inside the airport terminal just outside the baggage claim area exit. They offer cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs to rent. There is a limosine and taxi service as well as distance point-to-point service.

Budget Rent a Car

Budget Rent a car, the international franchise auto rental has a booth in Ubon Ratchathani. The booth is located inside the airport passenger terminal. The offer a variety of cars, vans and pickups for drive yourself rental.

Budget is a bit cheaper for their rentals but there might be other fees for mileage and such. They do require a credit card imprint to rent from them. You can check availability and rates at their corporate website Budget . Just choose Ubon Ratchathani as the location and the dates you want to have the vehicle. You will have your selections in a few seconds.

Ubon Baeng Team

Van rental service. You can hire a van with driver for travel or VIP tours within Thailand or to Laos.

Ubon Baeng Team
102 Satit Nimangan Rd.
Warin Chamraap District
Ubon Ratchathani
Tel: 045-322731
Mobile: 089-6251904 or 086-8787947

Motorcycle Rentals

Ubon Ratchathani is not a big market when it comes to motorcycle rental. In line with that there are limited places to rent a motorcycle. There are no places to rent big bikes only small 90-110cc biks.

Chow Wattana - Chow Wattana offers motorcycles for 200 Baht daily and 3500 Baht monthly. You will find the contact information above. The motorcyles are kept at the offices on Suriyat Rd.

Legacy Gym - Legacy Gym is a Muay Thai and MMA training facility out on the western side of Huai Wang Nong. They have motorcycles available to rent mainly for the convenience of students training there but also rent to others.

You can rent a motorcycle from Legacy Gym for 200 Baht per day, 1000 Baht per week and 3000 Baht per month. If you want more information about Legacy Gym and the rental program you can call in Thailand at (045)264-708 or visit their website Legacy Gym

Bicycle Rentals

Laithong Hotel

Laithong Hotel on Phichitrangsan Rd has a bicycle rental service. You can rent a bicycle there for 150 Baht per day. This service is restricted to hotel guests only.

The information provided above should get you around Ubon and the surrounding areas. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Let me know about any experiences you have using the services. You should have an easy time finding the private transportation you need when visiting Ubon Ratchathani.

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