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Eating In Ubon

If you love to eat Ubon Ratchathani might be the place for you. You can find all the traditional Thailand food as well as the unique taste of Isarn. The flavors come in tangy, sour, bitter, sweet and of course spicy, but never bland. Selection of eateries range from established formal air-con restaurants suitable for royalty to fast food street vendors. Most of the markets have cooked take home food as well as places to sit down and eat.

Ubon Restaurants - Restaurants with predominantly Thai and Isaan menus.

Ubon International Restaurants - Restaurants with western and other Asian cuisine menus.

What do you want to eat? Rice? Noodles? Curry? Salads? Fruit? Sweets? It can all be found right here. It's amazing what can be done with these things to make the delicious Thailand food dishes. I have eaten in many Ubon Ratchathani restaurants and have discovered some treasures that are my favorites However sometimes I still just hop on my motorcycle and drive around til I see a new place I want to try. It's always exciting to sample to spicy cuisine in a newly discovered restaurant.

Mixed in with Thailand food menus you will find other Asian cuisines here. Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese, but a word of warning, if you are addicted to western food you won't find a lot of it here. In my journeys here I have seen Italian and a few steak houses, but other than that just the usual KFC and Pizza Company. But hey, why travel to Thailand for what you can get at home?

Ubon Ratchathani Restaurants

No shortage of restaurants in Ubon. Places to eat are abundant. If you want an expensive airconditioned restaurant, it's here. Specialty restaurants are everywhere, such as fish restaurants or noodle houses. If you aren't sure what you want go check out a restaurant that offers buffet style, a wide selection so can't go wrong. A local favorite is Neua Yang Kowlee or Korean Barbeque, make sure you are hungry when you decide to go there. Many restaurants offer music while you eat, everything from classic Thai music to a combination Thai and western rock.

Ubon Ratchathani International Restaurants

Though there aren't a lot of foreign food restaurants open in Ubon there is still a good selection.

Ubon Ratchathani Cheap Eats

I grew up thinking McDonalds, Burger King and Taco Bell were the orginal fast food. But having lived here in Thailand I now have my doubts. The real fast food began here. Many sidewalks and streets are lined with food carts where you can get most any food you want, and not only is it quick but it is cheap too. If you think the drive-up window is cool and conveninet you out to experience the Thai version. Here's how it works, you drive up to the vendors cart of the food you want, stop and while sitting in your car or on your bike, order what you want. The vendor will cook it, package it and hand it to you. Yes it's that simple. If you would rather eat it there most have a area with a few tables and chairs for you to eat your meal. Come check it out for yourself.



Sam Chai Restaurant
Sam Chai Restaurant Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand This is a photo of Sam Chai Restaurant in downtown Ubon Ratchathani. It is a great place for breakfast.

N-Joy Pub and Restaurant
N-Joy Pub and Restaurant Ubon Ratchathani

N-Joy Pub and Restaurant is owned and operated by an Australian mate and his Thai wife. Great place to enjoy an afternoon, hot Thai food, cold beer and friendly conversation. Frequented by expats as well as locals.

Jumpa Hom Restaurant
Jumpa Hom Restaurant Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand Jumpa Hom Restaurant in downtown Ubon, is located in a garden-like setting. The atmosphere is perfect for a relaxing evening dining or a romantic date. Go there in the evening for dining experience to remember.

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