Learn Thai in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

Study Thai with Kruu Ooh at English Center, Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

Have you been searching for a place to study Thai with a good tutor in Ubon Ratchathani?

Did you ever think you could just maybe enjoy your Thailand experience more if you could speak and understand some of the language?

Khroo Ooh

If you live in or around Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand and have a desire to learn Thai there is a plae you can go. The is a tutor of Thai language who runs a shop in the heart of Ubon city.

Who Can Teach You Thai?

Since she graduated from Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University all she has done is privately tutor English and Thai. You know that for an entrepreneur to survive they must be enterprising. If you are not good at what you do the business will fail.

English Center Ubon Ratachathani

Her name is Ooh (pronounced like oo in too or ou in you). She is affectionately known as Kroo Ooh (kroo=teacher, high school level and below). Most of her students are young Thais looking to enhance and improve their English skills.

Most of Kroo Ooh students are in fact full time students. That means they are only available to be tutored evenings and weekends. Ooh decided to use the slow daytime hours to teach foreigners Thai. Most of her foreign students found her via word of mouth. That means the former students were happy with the results they achieved.

Where to go to learn Thai in Ubon?

The shop, named English Center, is camoflauged behind awnings and signs. It is easy to walk right passed it and not know it. A bit of searching is worth the trouble for the lessons you will learn inside.

The Benefits of Learning Thai

  • Enjoy Ubon Ratchathani and Thailand more
  • Makes it easier to travel
  • Know what you are ordering at a restaurant
  • Make friends easier
  • Find the items you are looking for when shopping
  • Earn respect from the locals
  • And many more benefits...

What can you expect and what is the cost for studyign Thai with a private tutor at English Center, Ubon Ratchathani?

Kroo Ooh offers one on one, or group sessions.

  • Individual 200TB per hour
  • Two students per session 340TB per hour
  • Three students per session 450TB per hour
  • Four students per session 600TB per hour

In addition to teaching Thai, English classes are also available. If you have a husband, wife, children, girlfriend or boyfriend who need to build their English language skills this is the place to go.

Are you interested in studying Thai or English in Ubon Ratchathani?

If the answer to the question above is yes you can contact Khroo Ooh at (086)246-0754. Or you can stop by the school at 100 Ratchabut Rd. There is a map below to show you the way.

Map to English Center Ubon
A - English Center, B - Tung Sri Muang, C -Anuban

Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

The heart and soul of Isaan.

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