Sedhapura Pool Villas by Tohsang

Come relax and create lifelong memories in seclusion, privacy, comfort and luxury in one of Tohsang's Sedhapura Pool Villas overlooking the Mekong River. You will find this retreat in Khong Jiam district of Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand.

Sedhapura Sign

A place you might not expect to find in Ubon Ratchahani, Thailand but it is here and awaiting you. Why travel all the way to Bangkok, Phuket, or Chiang Mai when you can pamper yourself right here in the heart of Isaan.

Hidden here is a truly unique Isaan experience awaiting you. Sedhapura Pool Villas by Tohsang is not for everyone but that is what makes it so special. You have a place in Khong Jiam district of Ubon Ratchathani to truly refresh, relax and recharge. Aren't you or that loved one worth a time to remember at a luxury Ubon resort?

Welcome to Sedhapura by Tohsang Pool Villas

sedhapura lobby

You will find a small comfortable lobby at Sedhapura Pool Villas, but no front desk or reception area. The nature of the resort is exclusivity, quiet and peaceful privacy. The lobby is a place you can relax, read a book or newspaper, talk with your companion or enjoy a drink or two. This social place comes with a small bar that will be staffed if the need arises.

A Place to enjoy the view or a nice foot massage

Scatter around Sedhapura Pool Villas you will find several ways to enjoy the peace & quiet, the beautiful surroundings, the luxury and the sense of privacy and luxury.

Make yourself at home in the lounge chairs. Relax and enjoy a good book or take a nap. Cal the spa and pamper yourself with foot massage. It is up to you, all is here for you to enjoy and use during your stay.

Royal experience enjoying a Thai Massage on the riverbank

These beds are more than just decoration to give the villas a palatial look and feel. You will get a sense of a royal expeience as you walk by and admire the view. When you are a guest at Sedhapura these are there for you to use as well.

Positioned in a shallow pool in the daytime it is one view, but at night when the soft lights are turned on you have to be there to know the feeling. A wonderful place to lay and gaze at the stars with your loved one. Or you can just sit and talk and imagine you are royalty. You can also choose to get a massage here. Just call over to the Spa at Tohsang Khong Jiam Resort and someone will arrive at the appointed time to help you relax.

Enjoy a Candlelight Dinner or a Sunrise Breakfast

Candlelight dinner at Sedhapura Pool Villas

Imagine you have enjoyed a nice relaxing day in your private personal pool and villa. The sun begins sinking low over the Mekong River. A table for two magically appears on your deck. Two chairs sit at the table awaiting the VIP guests.

The dinner you ordered earlier from the neighboring Tohsang Khong Jiam Resort restaurant is delivered to your door. No fuss. All you need to do is take your seat and enjoy your meal.

Have you ever enjoyed a private, romantic candlelight dinner with that speical someone? It is one thing to go to a great restaurant for this occassion. But it is truly special sitting alone in beautiful surroundings and experiencing something that might seem like it only happens in movies or romance novels. You have the chance to make such moments when you visit and stay at Sedhapura Pool Villas. The table, settings, drinks and dinner will be delivered. Then the memories are up to you.

Order the breakfast of your choice and enjoy it like never before

After the staff from Tohsang Khong Jiam Resort escort you to your villa at Sedhapura you will find breakfast menus waiting for you on a table. Just make your breakfast selections and indicate the time you want to eat and pass the order to one of the staff. The following morning you will have your breakfast delivered to your front door. You can dress for breakfast or have an informal meal wearing robes provided in the bedroom closet. You also have the option of partaking in the breakfast buffet at Tohsang Khong Jiam Resort. The choice is yours.

What would you like for dinner? Thai or Western Cuisine?

There is a chef at nearby Tohsang Khong Jiam Resort. He prepares the dishes you find on the menu with a personal touch.

The menu opens to several French dishes. If French is not to your taste you will also find steaks, fish & chips, and an assortment of other western choices.

Of course you can order Thai food. But don't expect it to be ordinary when it is deleivered to you. Great care is taken in presentation and unexpected ingredients are combined to give you a unique dining experienc.

When you stay at Sedhapura by Tohsang you can discover the joys of the menu from the convenience of your front deck.

Your personal private pool awaits you

One of the highlights and my favorite is the personal private pool just outside the front doors of every villa. It's small but for you stay at the villas it's all yours. You can cool off, sunbathe, play or just sit and relax and let the jets provide a nice water massage.

In the daytime it is for recreation and when the sun goes down after your candlelight dinner it is great for relaxation. Sitting in your pool with a lovely villa on one side and Mekhong River on the other, someone special beside you. Imagine sipping a cold beer or a nice glass of wine and just enjoying life. You owe it to yourself to experience the joy at least once.

Your entrance for a few days or a weekend

At the entrance to your villa you will find a glorious deck. It is perfect for dining, relaxing and getting out of the sun for awhile. Just another of the amenities provided for you to enhance your resort experience.

You will find it nice and convenient to have this waiting for you just outside your front door when you stay at Sedhapura By Tohsang.

Experience a sunrise or meditation session in peace

You will find many methods for relaxation at Sedhapura Pool Villas in Ubon Ratchathani. The design is such to maximize your comfort. One each front deck you are provided with a large comfortable chair. It is perfect for after pool cooling off and drying off.

You can use it for morning meditation or an early morning cup of coffee. Or if you prefer you can just use it to sit and relax. It is your vacation to hope you use it is totally up to you. But it is good to know the tools of relaxation are provided for you.

A Shower is a Great Way to Begin or End Your Day

sedhapura pool villas open air shower

As you walk through your bath area you will see your private open -air shower. You get the feeling you are showering in a lovely garden. The shower is perfect for befor and after enjoying your private personal pool just outside your front door. You might experience the sensation of showering in a pleasant warm rain.



Reward Yourself with a Soothing Bath

In the evening after you enjoy your romantic dinner and are back indoors for the night. Find your way to the spacious villa bathroom. Take some time and fill the large tub with warm water. Get a book, turn on some great music or just climb in and relax. The bath is another of the amenities that help make your Sedhapura experience memorable and relaxing.

Sleep in Comfort Enjoy Sweet Dreams On Your King Size Bed

Sedhapura Pool Villa bed

A bed can play a very important role when staying in a resort. All day long you might have been on the go. Maybe you were just relaxing and you need extra comfort to drift off to sleep.

The king size beds in the villas offer comfort, space and convenience. Easy to fall asleep, watch a before bed movie or talk about your day with a special someone beside you.

Is a one-story bungalow good for you?

If space is not important to you, then the bungalow pool villa is perfect. You get all the same amenities just condensed into a smaller area. The two of you want a romantic getaway and have no plans to sit in a living area to eat, watch tv or do some work on the internet, so go for the one-story villa.

Or is a two-story townhouse more your style?

The single two-story townhouse style villa sits at the end of the resort. When you enter your villa you come into the living area. You have your sofa, table, TV, coffee table, and easy chairs. Also the bath and shower are located on the ground floor.

When the evening is late and your want to stretch out and relax in comfort, make your way upstairs to your king-size bed. You can read in bed or in the easy chair, watch satellite TV or drift off to dream land. Large picture windows give you an awesome view overlooking the river to add to the already lovely decor. What more could you ask for?

How you begin your experience?

You have a special occassion coming up or you just want to reward yourself. You can make the most of either by staying at Sedhapura by Tohsang Pool Villas. You might want more information or start your reservation or booking now. Remember life is short, enjoy it. Make the most of each moment. You deserve the best.

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Sedhapura by Tohsang Pool Villas

Give yourself a reward. You deserve it.

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