Attractions of Nature in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

Ubon Ratchathani has been blessed with many nature attractions. Nature is, without a doubt the greatest of artists. Nature did not neglect Ubon Ratchathani when creating masterpieces around this planet.

It is true, Ubon Ratchathani doesn't posses the pristine beaches or high forested mountains of other areas but it does have a geographical identity all it's own. The selection of natural atrractions in Ubon includes rivers, caves, waterfalls, natural rock formations and cliffs. All are perfect choices for day trips or extended experiences staying out in the National Parks and game reserves.

Nature Attractions in Ubon Ratchathani:

  • Traveling Beside The Mighty Mekong:

    • Two-Colored River - Located in Khong Jiam district. This is the point where the blue waters of the Mun River run into the brown water of the mighty Mekong.
    • Sao Cha Liang - An area populated with mushroom shaped rock formations with evidence of a pre-historic sea bed embedded in the rocks. You can visit this sight by taking Highway 2112 to Highway 2368, it is near the entrance to Pha Taem National Park.
    • Pha Taem Cave Paintings - Cave paintings dating back 3000 years can be seen during the 3km hike on a path overlooking the Mekong. It's located on Highway 2368 which you can get to via Highway 2112.
    • Lan Hin Wild Flower Fields - Visit here after the end of the rainy season to see some beautiful wild flower fields. It is not far from the sight of the cave paintings also on Highway 2368.
    • Soi Sawan Waterfall - A 20 meter split waterfall. Located of highway 2112.
    • Saeng Chan Waterfall - This waterfall flows down a cliff and through a hole in a rock to the pool below. A unique sight when viewing at noon on a sunny day. Take 217 from Ubon city, to 2222, to 2134 to 2112 and look for the sign.
    • Thung Na Muang Waterfall - A medium sized waterfall in a park like setting. About 15km north of Khong Jiam off of Highway 2112 near the banks of the Mekong.
    • Phu Lon - A small mountain considered to be a sacred Buddhist sight. Popular place to spend time in meditation. You can get there by way of Highway 2135 or 2134.

  • Journey Through Dong Na Tham Forest - A great place for nature hikes with views of the Mekong.

    • Nature Study Trails - Day hikes or overnight camping. Camping equipment is available but you must bring your own food and water.

      • Trail 1 - Begin this hike at Wat Tham Patihan and pass many waterfalls, meadowns and areas of rock formations. Spend the night at Huai Pok and be the first to watch the sunrise to a sea of mist at dawn the next morning. Stop at Ban Park La villiage then return along the Mekong.
      • Trail 2 - Begins at the park office and pass by waterfalls and meadows of flowers. It will cover some same areas as Trail 1.

  • A Visit To Gaeng Ta Na National Park - You can reach this park by taking Highway 217 to 2222 or continue to Highway 2173.

    • Don Ta Na - A small island in the middle of Mun River just past Pak Mun Dam. You can observe locals fishing here in the mornings and evenings. Also there is a hanging bridge that takes you to Gaeng Ta Na. The best way to get there is by traveling up Highway 2173.
    • Gaeng Ta Na - A rapids is created here when the water level recedes below the height of the rocks. It is popular place for fishing and outings during the months of January to may. It too is located off Highway 2173.
    • Tat Ton Waterfall - A rustic waterfall forming a pool suitable for swimming. It is surrounded by woods. Take highway 217 to 2173.
    • Tham Phra Cave - Believed to be linked to the beginnings of civilization here. Stone inscriptions in the ancient Panlawa alphabet and Shiva's lingum were found at this sight. Location can be reached by traveling up Highway 2173 past Gaeng Ta Na.
    • Gaeng Saphue - Another January to May rapids. On the banks beside it in Phibun Mangsahan is a park where you can watch the river and have a wonderful picnic. Head out on Highway 217 and turn left at the T junction when arrive in Phibun. Turn right just before the bridge crossing the Mun River.

  • Phu Chong Na Yoi National Park, The Final Frontier - A forested and mountainous region bordered by Laos and Cambodia. This location has been given the name Emerald Triangle due to the abundance of vegetaion of the 3 countries. There are great elevated view points to see all three countries. From Ubon city take highway 24 to Det Ubon, then go on Rd 2182 to Buntharik, head south on 2248 and turn off on 2254 the park.

    • Huai Luang Waterfall - A 30 meter waterfall below the vista point.
    • Phu Hin Daeng Vista Point - High ground to take a look into Laos and Cambodia. Can create an eerie sight with early morning mists.
    • Nature Trails
      • Trail 1 - Starts at the park office and ends at Huai Luang Waterfall. Along the 4km route you can see stone clearings and 3000 year old trees.
      • Trail 2 - A peaceful 3km hike from the park office through the many types of indeginous trees.
      • Trail 3 - A 2km hike from the park office to the view point at Phu Hin Daeng.

When you visit Ubon Ratchathani make sure you take the time to experience some or all of these nature attractions. Get out and landscape and get a feel for this country. The Mekong alone has a long and proud history and many of these sites are nearby her. Go watch the sunrise along the banks of the Mekong. Residents should get out and get to know this place that is our home. Happy travel and living here in Ubon Ratchathani.

Natural wonders and sights in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand

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